Q & A regarding the above message:

  1. What was the context of this message?

This message was preached on the Friday night of Heartland Holiness Camp in Glencoe, Oklahoma. It was not the message planned until God used a discussion after the Thursday evening service to prompt a meeting with the Camp President to discuss addressing this sensitive issue. After much prayer, it was clear that this was of God's leading.

This message was not to "bash" the CHM or its leadership. Yes, there are other groups that are trying to navigate misconduct; the CHM is not alone in needing to determine next-steps, reckonning with a past where not all allegations have resulted in an appropriate response. This message was not to other groups however; it was given to a CHM audience by a CHM individual who had been called as evangelist for their association's annual camp.

  1. Were children present?

This message was not preached to children. While the cry of a baby can be heard in the background, all children under the age of 13 were dismissed before the sermon. Children over 13 were asked to confirm with their parents that they were able to remain for the message.

  1. Why does it seem as though the message has been edited?

This message was 70 minutes in all. It was edited in order to reduce length and to remove all stories - not because any identifying information was shared, but because of the sensitive nature of the content.

  1. How was the message received then and now?

Immediately following the close of the service, those in attendance reflected that this was an important topic addressed in an appropriate way. Several in attendance requested the manuscript. An edited version is available here. So far, all feedback received has been positive.

  1. Do you have other resources?

We'd like to update this site to include even more resources - for now, visitors to this site can click Resources for links. If any survivors are interested in sharing their story, you can click Survey to do so.

  1. Can you be reached for further discussion?

Yes. Feel free to email me here.